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Hongqi Brand Background & Concept

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In 1958, the 'Hongqi' brand car was born. Since then, ' Hongqi' car has become a state vehicle for Chinese leaders and major national events. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Hongqi car was a banner of China's automobile industry. After the late 1970s,Hongqi has continued to move towards marketization and commercialization. In 2018, Hongqi brand released a new strategy and design concept, which led to a surge in market sales and the gradual realization of global exports .


The brand concept of Hongqi is the new nobility and exquisiteness. Hongqi highlights the concepts of "new nobility", "new exquisiteness" and "new feelings", and deeply integrates oriental excellent culture with world advanced culture, modern fashion design, cutting-edge science and technology, and fine emotional experience to create an excellent products and services. The noble taste, and elegant temperament The free ideals,and passionate pursuit The persistent improving for the extreme exquisiteness The perfect experience in line with your own mind.

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With as the key, Hongqi expresses and fully interprets the design concept of "new nobility and exquisiteness" In the future, the Hongqi family will use this unified design language.

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